A show case of alluring Decadent Beautiful Adult Stars, Feature dancers and Models. Luxurious companionship are made here.

Companionships DeJour
The Luxury Companion

Bringing your Once Unimaginable Fantasies to your Reality.

Meeting  a World renown Top of the charts Adult star of alluring Beckoning Beauty is in your reach. Get up close and personal with an American Adult star Companion that is winning hearts and minds.

Make you Adult Star Wishes to TLC who can handle them.

For The Discerning connoisseurs  with a discriminating taste will hold dear some memories etched in the footsteps within the sands of time.

Companionship’s Dejour

Our Guest will  soon find themselves friends of The Luxury ompanion.

Experience a night out on the town with one or more Incredible eye candy beautiful companions around your arms. For the Adventurists and Bold, experience a weekend or an extended evening stay with a Luxurious companion is a promise to weathering a trying day or week at the office.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples  Become a VIP member. Inquire by being a frequent private guest and you will be invited or complete the “Become and Exclusive Member” tab and you will be contacted.

T.L.  features the best of the Adult entertainment’s finest talents today.

The Luxury ompanion Features an Exclusive Members Area, where even yet a luckier few will find even more elite porn star personalities. Our exclusive members area is not only limited to the adult entertainment Industry’s finest but rather expands to bringing you more from which to choose . Frequent members are those we call T.L.. friends and after meeting three or more of our companions we encourage those friends to apply for VIP membership.
All adult models and Adult performers understands they are not employees and responsible for paying any and all  taxes and Makes their own schedules of availability. The Luxury Companion does not schedule specific days and Hours of availability or provide any travel arrangements



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