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Luxury companions

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The Luxury ompanions provides an Exclusive Member Area, Here you will find more elite companions or a companion of your dreams. Contact TLC and Be seen and be heard by an Elite Top of the charts Adult Star, Models and Penthouse Pets and Playmates.

Where  a luckier few will find even more elite porn star personalities. Exclusive members area is not only limited to the adult entertainment Industry’s finest. Bringing you more up close and personal experiences,Friendships Memories of a life time. Frequent members are those we call TLC friends and after meeting three or more  companions we encourage those friends to apply for VIP membership.

All adult models and Adult performers understands they are not employees and responsible for paying any and all  taxes and Makes their own schedules of availability. The Luxury Companion does not schedule specific days and Hours of availability or provide any travel arrangements


All persons depicted on this Website were 18 or older when the images were created.

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